Monday, 16 May 2011

Scottish football - it's way over the top now...

Before Blogger had its wee brainstorm last week and ate two of my posts (including one on Taggart which I was particularly proud of but can't recreate) I had posted on the idiocy surrounding Scottish football, primarily the Old Firm.

Today, a suspicious package was sent to Cowdenbeath FC addressed to Donald Findlay QC, the club chairman and a former (and well known) vice-chairman of Rangers. Now, I don't think it was particularly clever of an apparently educated man like Mr Findlay to decide to get on stage with Rangers fans and sing various sectarian songs, but I don't think that even he deserves that. Add in to the fact that Cowdenbeath manager Jimmy Nicholl is a former Rangers player, and it just becomes more suspicious.

People who think it's OK to send bombs or bullets through the post simply aren't football fans - they're also pretty well not human. We need to stop thinking of this as "a football problem" and accept that it is one of society. There seems to just be something about Scotland that seems to be happy to let these vermin fester without some form of reproach.

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